Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

INFRArot Vol. 10, ‘Artist’s Portraits’ out now!

Finally out!!!
INFRArot # 10 ‘Artist’s Portraits’, 40 Pages Cover hand-silkscreend, inside digitally printed. 
Works of: Placid (Paris), Jazzu (Toulouse), Thierry Naiglin (Saint-Samson-sur-Rance), Stephan Barbery (Bruxelles), Rainer Wieczorek (Berlin),Mosner Ricardo (Paris), Kiki Picasso (Paris), Dietmar Haller Paintings(Saint-Cergue), Quauthémoc (Mexico City), Bruno Richard (Paris) and DeePee-INFRArot Mainz)
230 examples numbered and signed from 1/230 to 230/230
20,- € (+2,- € postage). contact:

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